Brand Philosophy

Skin just got happier with Happy Skin!

Describe the kind of woman you want to be—perfectly-poised, gorgeous, happy. Now, channel her—better yet, be her. As femme fab brand Happy Skin hits the beauty shelves, you finally get to pat on some confidence, brush on a tantalizing tinge, swipe on some sexy sassiness, and be that woman—be your own peg of how pretty you ought to be.

Happy Skin takes cosmetics to a whole new level of hip and happy, with its promise of providing women with an entire line of makeup that cares for your skin. As this soon-to-be cult brand leapt from imagination and concept to actual product, it had one particular goal in mind: to have you exude your personal brand of effortless beauty by loving your skin and making your makeup work for you—not against you.

Pretty Products That Prettify

You’ll get hooked on everything Happy Skin—from the über cute packaging to the products’ witty names. However, more than casings and prints that would excite any Kawaii fan or level up any kikay kit, it’s the beauty philosophy that is bound to create a loyal following: Happy Skin believes that women should be able to live life to the fullest, worry-free! Happy Skin’s skin-loving products were designed to be fuss-free, easy-to-apply, and come in shades specifically formulated to complement Filipina skin tones.

Leveling it up even further, Happy Skin makeup speak directly to women—or rather, they allow women to speak for themselves. With happier skin by Happy Skin, the products speak of what women want to achieve, thanks to the results that they get by using the different products. Think: Women want to be flawless at the face of trials and in the midst of blemishes to “[Not] Get Mad, Get Even.” They want that natural flush that can prompt them to say, “Get Cheeky With Me.” They want to muster the guts to demand smooches from the apples of their eye and exclaim, “Shut Up And Kiss Me!” Transitively, Happy Skin doesn’t only make skin happier, it therefore also tugs at heartstrings, hits a nerve, and drives home a point, making the brand an instant favorite among women.

Your Skin At The Center

Knowing that women are getting more and more particular about their skincare, Happy Skin augments a working regimen with complexion-nourishing makeup. “The reason why we started Happy Skin is because we’re firm believers in good skincare, and we don’t like compromising our skin because of the makeup that we use,” says founder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez. Co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo echoes the same: “Truly good makeup should be your ally—notyour enemy—in making you look and feel more beautiful.”

Happy Is What Happy Does

With Happy Skin, women can now definitely be their own best pegs for pretty. After all, if you had a choice between looking your best and looking your best while improving your skin, what would you choose? Glow-rious, head-turning skin is now made possible with skin-loving cosmetics, and suddenly, all things feminine and girly became clearer—logical, even. With makeup that truly cares for you, you’ll definitely get ultimately “Happy Skin.”