Who Loves Happy Skin

Happy Skin is gaining an ever-increasing fan base. Skin and makeup experts and enthusiasts are thrilled about this new skin-loving brand. Eavesdrop on what they have to say:

Happy Skin is clearly a quality brand. Their products are affordable, beautifully packaged, and obviously have had a lot of thought and love put into them.
Cat Juan Ledesma
former Beauty Editor for Metro Magazine, writer and blogger, www.catjuan.com
I was pleasantly surprised to find more pigmentation on Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies. And despite the opaque colours, it is still very moisturizing. Happy Skin’s skin-loving products were designed to be fuss-free, easy-to-apply, and come in shades specifically formulated to complement Filipina skin tones.
Daphne Oseña-Paez
TV host and producer, lifestyle blogger, www.daphne.ph
I really how playful and flirty this brand is. It’s actually a good reminder for us ladies to always have a good laugh, to have a bit of fun, and continuously flirt with our husbands (and BFs). Happy Skin makes it fun to be a girl! They use only the finest ingredients (developed and created in Japan) for each of their products. So even if their packaging suggests that it is a very fun brand, they do take skin care and makeup seriously.
Patty Laurel
host, model, writer, www.pattylaurel.com
A brand that promises not only good, quality makeup, but makeup that cares for your skin. I definitely cheered Jacqe Yuegtian-Gutierrez, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo and the rest of Happy Skin team for taking cosmetics up to the next level! Makeup, aside from going top notch in terms of quality is also looking aesthetically great!
Nikki Tiu
professional makeup artist, beauty/lifestyle blogger, www.askmewhats.com
Being comfortable in your own skin is like finding the key to happiness, but wearing something ultra comfortable and packs a punch of benefits is like finally entering the door of happiness-at least this is what I have experienced when I wore Happy Skin’s Don’t Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation: It’s soft, light, covers decently, and loves my skin with its skin care components. This is a very good day foundation, something that can take you through an ordinary day with a long-lasting fresh, healthy look. What I like most about it is its moisturizer-like feel that’s perfect for our weather.
Martha Sta. Barbara
PR consultant, beauty blogger, www.thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com
One of the best things about Happy Skin is that their products are able to deliver what is promised. I love their fun, top of the line packaging. Not only that, every time I use their products, I get compliments, both from my friends and from clients when I use it on them. I have had brides ask me what products I use because they just love how the products feel on their skin.
Isabel Hernandez
professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, www.sabshernandez.blogspot.com
The lippie shade selections by Happy Skin are spot on. They’re as intense as the other intense lip crayons you've heard about and provide a balmy, not greasy finish. If there’s anything you should try from the range now it’s these moisturizing lippie crayons.
Julia Arenas
professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, www.blessmybag.com
I highly recommend the Happy Skin Don’t Get Mad Get Even Liquid Foundation if you’re oily and blemished. This is a low-maintenance and comfy foundation to have on your face all day. This foundation has an excellent demi-matte finish and the staying power to beat. I love this foundation and I use it regularly.
Liz Lanuzo
beauty blogger, www.projectvanity.com
We’re totally loving Happy Skin, a local cosmetics line that boasts of good-for-you ingredients like cherry blossom and Japanese tea leaf extracts, shea butter, and Argan oil, among other things. Happy Skin comes in bright colors (that go well with morena skin) and cute packaging that could instantly perk up any gloomy day.
The new lip colors come in summery shades, but we’re making The Morning After a staple in our makeup kits, thanks to its flattering shade of nude with just the right amount of just-kissed pink.
My favorite product is the Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturizing lippie. What’s so nice about this product is that it feels like a lip balm but looks like a lipstick and lip gloss in one without the sticky factor. I don’t know how to explain it but this product is AMAAAAAAZING and I couldn’t emphasize more how beautifully made this product is.
Hya Seyer
There’s nothing NOT to love about Shut Up & Kiss Me. The color pay-off is amazing. True to claim, Shut Up & Kiss Me glides like butter and is easy to apply. My (already) perpetually dry lips loved the creamy texture. It stays on matte but it’s non-drying.
Jirbie of Couchwasabi
Texture and appearance are key elements to me as a photographer. I appreciate how Happy Skin’s foundation has a natural finish – it provides an adequate amount of coverage while still allowing skin to come through in the photograph.
Sara Black
As a stylist, color is very important to me. What I loved about Happy Skin is how the lippies gave a great pop of color! It looked great not just on the camera but even in person. They lasted throughout the entire shoot too! No touch ups needed.
Sidney Yap
Makeup can really ruin skin especially after long hours of taping. This is perfect for celebrities who need to wear makeup all day! They can go home with peace of mind and still reveal healthy, happy skin.
Jing Monis
hair and makeup artist
As a salon owner, my clients deserve makeup satisfaction. What I like about Happy Skin is that its quality is good enough for professional use but at the same time perfect for women learning to put on makeup. It’s so skin-friendly and easy to use! It’s long-wearing but feels like you’re not wearing makeup!
Lourd Ramos
hair and makeup artist
I love how Happy Skin combines the best ingredients to help you look great at the same time take care of your skin. It’s great for teenagers who are about to start a beauty routine – it’s their first step to healthy-looking, blemish-free skin! I especially approve of the SS Crème. It conceals pigmentation the moment you put it on but with Hyaluronic Acid, SPF 20, and PA++, it also addresses important long-term concerns such as sun protection and anti-aging.
Anna Palabyab-Rufino, M.D.
Palabyab Skin Clinic, member of Philippine Dermatological Society
I have really sensitive skin and easily react to products, so I am not a fan of heavy makeup. These products were a pleasant surprise! It does everything I need it to without stressing my skin out.
Raissa Francisco-Pasion, M.D., Dermatologist
Skin Dermatology and Laser Center, The Spa Wellness
Zo AguilaI’ve always believed in the power of makeup. It can go from recreating a moment and telling a story, to healing a heartbreak or eliciting a response—Happy Skin can do all that. One’s experience with Happy Skin becomes personal. For me, their products tell my story, explore my wants, and give me the benefits I seek. It’ll speak to you, too! After having screened so many beauty products through the years, this skin-loving makeup brand is as premium as premium gets—only this time, premium is much happier and more hip. I’m definitely placing my beauty bets on this one.
Zo Aguila
former Cosmo editor-in-chief and current lifestyle columnist and women’s expert resource
Sophie UyHappy Skin is one great, unique concept that combines the best of both beauty – skincare, and makeup. I have always thought that beautiful makeup really starts with beautiful skin, but somehow, I feel the need to assert in skincare to protect my skin. Happy Skin makes me feel safe, knowing that my skin is even more nourished as I wear their makeup, specially the Second Skin Creme, which makes my skin breathe, and buys me flawless no-makeup look days. I just look and feel really effortlessly fresh and confident wearing it! I also am doting on the Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie – a girl can never have enough lippies, what more of a 3-in-one lip product – a lipstick, lipbalm, and lipgloss in one! I’m smitten!
Sophie Uy
beauty blogger, www.sophieuy.com
Jacqe Yuengtian-GutierrezI’m super in love with the Second Skin Crème! I use it everyday when I go to the grocery, the office, the badminton court, the church, Sunday brunch – absolutely everywhere I go! It is one of our most special products as it doesn’t contain silicone which may clog up the pores. It also contains a good amount of Hyaluronic acid to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated the entire day. I also love the fact that I don’t have to use a makeup remover at night – my simple facial wash will wash it off!
Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez
co-founder, Happy Skin
Rissa Mananquil-TrilloMy favorite product? Oh easily the Don’t Get Mad, Get Even powder foundation. This is perfect for days you want skip foundation but hide your blemishes. If there’s any product that can make your skin really look like skin while providing ample coverage, this would be it. It feels AND looks like you have nothing on. Yes, even HE won’t be able to tell.
Rissa Mananquil-Trillo
co-founder, Happy Skin
I like their being a go-getter. I like the fact that they had a vision and they went for it. They were my guests (on KrisTV) at nagandahan ako sa product nila. I think I also got to like them because it boils down to when your skin is good, you feel good.
Kris Aquino, Actress and TV Host
It’s a Filipino brand I believe in.
Liz Uy, Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Icon
Those who have been following my Instagram selfies would know that for a while, my default lip colors were Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Honeymoon Glow and Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer Strong and Sexy. Until now, I still gravitate towards these products whenever I need a classic, my­lips­but­better color! I’m also a huge fan of their Eye Love View Pencil and Marker Eyebrow Duo in Brown. This is saying a lot because I can’t go out of the house without drawing my eyebrows first, lol.
Tricia Gosingtian, photographer, fashion blogger, triciagosingtian.com
My favorite would have to be the Morning After shade, which just matches with my natural skin color. And I love it so much because it doesn’t crack my lips or make it dry, and it’s really longlasting.
Kryz Uy, fashion blogger, kryzuy.com
Proud sister moment right now: I’m not being biased but the “Shut Up and Kiss Me” collection of Happy Skin’s latest collaboration with my sister Liz Uy is the bomb.
Laureen Uy, fashion blogger, breakmystyle.com
I use Happy Skin’s Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit! It’s easy to use and for those who don’t know how to contour properly, it’s got a guide inside that will show you where to apply it on your face. It makes the process so much easier and attainable!
Patricia Prieto, fashion blogger, itsparadigma.com
The bases created by Happy Skin, the country’s favorite homegrown brand of skin-caring makeup, not only measure up to the needs of different skin types—each base also contains expert-backed ingredients that boost the skin on the surface and within.
Happy Skin takes cosmetics to a whole new level of hip and happy, providing Filipinas with makeup that cares for your skin.
The Philippine Star
I love Happy Skin because they give just enough coverage but they’re so light on your skin.
Janina Vela, Youtuber
I mainly used Happy Skin products, which made my face look super dewy and radiant and perfect for the summer!
Say Tioco, Youtuber
If there is a Happy Skin Super Fan, then that would be me! Every time they release new products, I just can’t help but buy them! I am just so keen to have them all. One thing is for sure, I always get my money’s worth with any of their products.
Juvyann Lazo, beauty blogger, www.plumpcheeks.com