Matte About You and Matte of Your Dreams 

Matte about you & Matte about your dreams

Oiliness is a top skin concern that Filipinas struggle with, whether you’re a teenager going through hormonal changes that cause extra greasy skin, or you’re already in your 20s and up, and oily skin has simply become a fact of life. It also doesn’t help that the tropical Philippines’ two seasons—hot and hotter—are also culprits for shiny, sticky skin.

Because Happy Skin wants to deliver happiness through easy-to-use makeup that solve your biggest beauty problems, the homegrown brand developed the Matte About You Pore & Shine Control Primer and the Matte of Your Dreams Oil Control Mattifying Powder. Pat on your new oily skin saviors and confidently #SkipTheFilter!

Matte About You Pore & Shine Control Primer In Nude

Before & After

Primer After